What are fake or fraudulent reviews?

Fraudulent reviews are harmful to buyers and not allowed on Clutch.

What does Clutch do to combat fraudulent reviews?

Clutch is committed to providing genuine reviews from real clients. To deter fraudulent reviews, Clutch may penalize a vendor suspected of a fraudulent review. Penalization may include Clutch rank evaluation and barring vendors from inclusion in promotion events and paid opportunities.

How are fraudulent reviews identified?

Multiple factors are considered. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose specific verification measures since that information could be used to try to thwart our efforts.

What is the difference between fraudulent and not verified?

Fraudulent reviews violate our Review Guidelines for any number of possible reasons that make the review origin or content untrustworthy. Impersonating a legitimate client, hiding one’s true identity, fabricating an engagement, etc. is not allowed.

A review that cannot be verified as authentic may not be published, even if there is no evidence of a fraudulent review. Vendors are notified of review removals. Please review our Terms of Service and Review Guidelines for more information.

How to Report a Fraudulent Review:

If you find a review you believe to be fraudulent, please email report@clutch.co with any information regarding the review. Please keep in mind, when evaluating reviews, we consider how the review would be received in the mind of a prospective buyer.