How Do I Track Clickthroughs to My Company's Website From Clutch?

Use Google Analytics to track clickthroughs to your company's website from Clutch. Here's how to add Google Analytics to your profile.

8 Steps to Add Google Analytics to Clutch Profile

Step 1: Log into Google Analytics:

Log into Google Analytics

Step 2: Select Admin (bottom left of screen)


Admin in Google Analytics

Step 3: Select 'Create Property' from 'Property' dropdown menu

Create Property_Google Analytics

Step 4: Name the new property, 'Clutch'

Step 5: Enter your Clutch profile URL into the 'Website URL' field, i.e.

Step 6: Create and copy the Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX-X)

Step 7: Log into Clutch to edit your company profile

Step 8: Find the section pictured below on the final page while editing your Clutch profile. Paste the Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX-X) in the Google Analytics ID field.

Boost Your Clickthroughs from Clutch

Schedule a call with a Clutch account manager to find out how you can increase the clickthroughs you receive from your profile.

Other Tracking Strategies for Your Clutch Profile