I'm leaving my company. What should I do?

When leaving your company, please request that your user account is removed from your company's profile and that you have provided a new point of contact.

It is crucial that Clutch maintains up-to-date records of the best point of contact in your company.

How should I let Clutch know about a new point of contact?

Email your Clutch business analyst to let them know about the new point of contact. If possible, CC the new point of contact in the email to help us quickly transfer admin rights.

What if I don't know who the next point of contact will be?

Email your Clutch business analyst letting them know that you'll be leaving the company. The analyst will remove your user account from the Clutch profile and create a "claim profile" button on the page. This will allow the new point of contact to claim the profile at any time.

I've already left my company and now want to create a new profile. What should I do?

Get in touch with your previous firm's business analyst or reaching out to hello@clutch.co. Once your user account is unattached from your last company profile, you will be allowed to create a new profile.