How Do I Give My Coworkers Access To Our Clutch Profile?

The profile owner has the ability to give their colleagues access to their Clutch profile via the vendor dashboard.

As a profile owner, you can go to your vendor dashboard and invite colleagues to become profile managers. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Members" page of the vendor dashboard
  2. Enter an email address (or multiple) in the text area and hit the "invite" button
  3. These emails will receive an invite within 10-15 minutes. Once they click the link in the email and sign in, they will automatically have access to the profile.

The users that become profile managers will have the same access to the profile as the profile owner, except for the ability to add/remove profile managers.

The invite you send to your colleagues will expire after 3 days. If you still wish to give them access, you will need to reinvite them.