How Do I Access and Update My Company's Clutch Profile?

There are two ways to access and update your company's Clutch profile: 1.) Select 'Claim Profile' or 2.) Reach out to your Clutch Account Manager or

2 Ways to Access and Update Company Profile:

1. Claim Your Clutch Profile

If no one from your company has logged into Clutch to claim your company's profile, a 'Claim Profile' button will show at the bottom of your company profile.

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  • Click the 'Claim Profile' button
  • Sign in with LinkedIn
  • Complete the form
  • A Clutch analyst will connect your username with your company's profile
  • You'll receive an email letting you know that your user account is connected
  • Edit your company's profile


Schedule a Call & Access Your Profile Today 

A Clutch account manager can help you access your profile and walk you through the edits that will help your profile gain more visibility on Clutch. 


The best way to gain access to a Clutch profile depends on whether someone in your company has ever claimed or built your Clutch profile. In most cases, you can:

2. Contact Your Clutch Account Manager to Update Login Credentials

If no 'Claim Profile' button appears on your company's profile, it's likely that another member of your team already has access to your profile.

If you're unsure, reach out to to:

  • Ask who has administrative access
  • Request administrative access for a specific individual. (Please include the individual's email address.)

Your company can only have one username and password associated with its Clutch profile.

Edit Your Profile With Confidence

Let a Clutch account manager help you access your profile and offer their best tips to make your company stand out on Clutch. Schedule a call now.