How Do I Access and Update My Company's Clutch Profile?

There are two ways to access and update your company's Clutch profile: 1) Click the 'Claim Profile' button to gain control of your company's profile. 2) Reach out to Clutch via our Contact Us form to request assistance.

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Two Ways to Access and Update Company Profile:

1. Claim Your Clutch Profile

If no one from your company has logged into Clutch to claim your company's profile, a 'Claim Profile' button will show at the bottom of your company profile.

Unclaimed Profile

    • Click the 'Claim Profile' button.

    • Choose your preferred login method: "Continue with LinkedIn," "Continue with Google," or enter your email and a password.

    • Complete the form (be sure to use your company email address)

    • If your email address matches the details Clutch has on record, you will receive an automatic email to verify your account and join your profile.

        • If your email address differs from the details Clutch has on record, a Clutch team member will work to verify your connection to the company before issuing an email invitation. Note: The invite does expire within 3 days of being sent.

    • After successful authentication, you will be taken to your Clutch account, where you can make changes to your company's profile.


2. Contact Your Clutch Account Manager to Update Login Credentials

If you do not see a 'Claim Profile' button on your company's profile, it is likely that someone else from your company already has access to your profile.

Your company's Profile Owner can send you an invite to access the company's profile by following the instructions here.



If you still need help, contact our team to:

    • Ask who has administrative access

    • Request administrative access for a specific individual. (Please include the individual's email address.)