Can I Make Changes to the Review I Wrote?

Clutch works to provide the most accurate information possible. Let us know if your review needs to be updated.

How can I make minor changes to the review I left?

A member of the Clutch team will reach out to the respondent when their review is published on a service provider's profile. If any minor changes are required, such as correcting a misinterpreted statement, making a minor change to a star rating, or other quick fixes, the respondent can follow the directions in the email for requesting edits. 

Any such edit requests should be made within 3 days.

My relationship with my service provider has changed. How can I update the feedback I left?

We allow reviews to be updated if:

  • A substantial amount of additional work has been completed, or
  • The trajectory of the partnership has changed following the original review’s publication

Reach out the Clutch account manager who conducted the initial review. If you no longer know the best point of contact, please reach out to

We will schedule a call or send our Updated Review Form to collect feedback on your experience with the vendor, including information regarding an updated scope of work or updated results and feedback. 

No original review content, including the quote, will be changed or removed from Instead, updated comments will be listed at the bottom of the original review, and star ratings will be updated according to the most recent edit. The original review's date will be maintained.