How can I measure the success of my Clutch profile?

Clutch actively monitors clickthroughs on all company profiles. For detailed tracking, you can implement Google Analytics on your Clutch profile.

How can I tell if I'm getting leads from Clutch?

The best way to identify whether your profile is resulting in new business leads is to monitor the number of clickthroughs from Clutch to your company's site. This data is actively monitored by the Clutch team and is available to all sponsors upon request.

Using Google Analytics, service providers with profiles on Clutch can monitor the total and unique views of their profile and total and unique clicks to their company website through their own Google Analytics accounts.

How can I implement Google Analytics on my Clutch profile?

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Admin (bottom left of screen) 
  3. Click the select menu dropdown in the "Property" column 
  4. Choose “Create new property” 
  5. Name the new Property: Clutch
  6. Enter your profile URL into the Website URL field (  
  7. Create & copy the Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX-X) 
  8. Go in to edit your Clutch Profile, on the 3rd page you will see a tab for Google Analytics, paste the Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX-X) into the Google Analytics ID field.

How I can track visitors from one reviews page vs. another reviews page?

You can replace the homepage URL on your profile with a unique landing page that directs Clutch traffic to a more specialized page. For instance, you could direct traffic to a landing page that features your reviews and case studies, or a lead generating contact form. This URL will be used across the site and any time a user is click Visit Website within your profile page. Be sure include a UTM for your tracking, too.

Custom UTMs allow greater tracking across Clutch, since you can request UTMs specific to different reviews pages on which you are listed as a sponsor.

A sponsor might set their blockchain reviews page URL to:

To add UTM tracking, please contact your Clutch analyst.

How can I track whether a lead came from Clutch via email?

Clutch does not offer data regarding users who choose to email a service provider rather than visit their website. However, several vendors have chosen to list a unique email on their Clutch profile, such as