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How can I appear on more directories on Clutch?

The locations, service lines, focus areas, and industries on your Clutch profile determine which pages your company appears on.

What pages am I showing up on?

The service lines on your profile determine what pages you are listed on. If uncertain, you can search for your company's name in the Clutch search bar or check in with a Clutch analyst.

How many service lines should I have?

We recommend no more than 5 or 6 service lines in order to maximize your visibility on those pages. You will not receive visibility on any directory where you have allocated less than 10% in that service line.

How can I add an industry focus to my profile?

Please go to the page following “service lines” in the backend of your profile to designate specific focuses.

Why am I not showing up in all of my listed locations?

You will only be listed on directory pages where you have a permanent office space with a full-time team. Virtual offices and remote employees do not count towards this team.