How Do I Add UTM Codes to My Company's Clutch Profile?

Adding unique UTM codes to your Clutch profile will help you track if your website visitors found your site from a particular Reviews Page on Clutch. Your Clutch Analyst can help you set up unique UTM codes.

A UTM code is extra text that's added to a URL to make it unique. Usually, the extra text consists of: /?utm_source=XXX&utm_medium=XXX&utm_campaign=XXX.

You get to choose the source, medium, and campaign labels.

Google's Campaign URL Builder makes it easy to create these unique URLs.

Google Campaign Builder

Using UTM codes on Clutch provides your company with more data about where website visitors came from. You can request a UTM that's specific to each Reviews Page where your company appears.

For example, a company that sponsors our Blockchain Reviews Page might set their blockchain reviews page URL to:

To add UTM tracking, please contact your Clutch Analyst.

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