What Is My Vendor Dashboard?

The Vendor Dashboard is your home base for viewing and managing all of your content on Clutch, including your profile and reviews.

To access your vendor dashboard, click ‘Me’ in the top right corner of the page and select ‘Vendor Dashboard’:

On your Vendor Dashboard, you’ll see:

  • A progress bar to indicate your overall progress towards profile excellence
  • The basic information presented on your profile, with links to edit the content displayed
  • Your current Ability to Deliver score across multiple ranking categories
  • The status of your reviews, including previously submitted references
  • Statistics on profile views and click-throughs from buyers

From your vendor dashboard, you are able to:

  • Access your profile’s performance and metrics via the “Performance” tab
  • Add a review to your profile by submitting client reference information
  • Access helpful marketing collateral via the “Marketing” tab
  • Add and edit profile items, such as service focuses, portfolios, and industry recognitions via the respective navigation links
  • Use the “Members” section to manage teammates with access to your profile

Check your dashboard regularly to see updates to your profile and your visibility on Clutch. You can bookmark your dashboard here: https://vendor.clutch.co/vendor/dashboard