What Are Awards?

Awards allow you to share your company's achievements with Clutch.

Your awards help Clutch understand your company's market presence, which will impact your company's rank on directories in 2022. Awards are only one part of a company's market presence. Currently, the content is not publicly visible on your profile but it will be displayed later in 2022. For more information on market presence, find the breakdown of what goes into a company's market presence

  • We recommend submitting 6–8 awards or recognitions you've received. We don't accept awards you've received from Clutch or our sister websites as we are already aware of those awards and they are already factored into your market presence score.
  • Please note: we do not recognize awards from certain sites that do not meet our quality standards.
  • You'll be asked to provide the award title and award website. The website should be the link to the awarding agency/post on the awarding company’s website.

These awards can range from city or regional awards to internationally recognized awards. Some examples of the types of awards Clutch is looking for are:

  • “#110 in Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies”
  • “MediaPost - New York Agency of the Year”
  • “Best Retail Seach Marketing Initiative 2021 – Search Engine Land”
  • “10 Businesses to Watch 2020 - Douglas Magazine”

We do not expect or encourage vendors to purchase awards from awarding sites; Clutch regularly reviews award site domains to remove awards that do not meet our quality standards and will not impact a company’s market presence score.

Why are awards important?

Awards have an impact on your company’s Market Presence score and allow buyers to understand your brand’s presence in your target markets. We recommend adding a minimum of 6 to 8 awards to help Clutch assess your score and help buyers make their vendor selection decision.

What if my company does not apply for awards?

We do not expect or encourage vendors to apply for paid awards. The awards section on your profile is meant to include industry recognitions and accolades received organically. We regularly review the list of awards to exclude less reputable sites from inclusion in our ranking formula. You will not see an increase in your score by adding awards from less reputable sites.

We do encourage you to add awards, recognitions, and accolades as they are received for your company. Awards are not the only input into your market presence score, so we will still be able to assess your company’s score without any awards. In this case we recommend adding your social media information to your profile fields to better enable our team to evaluate your company.