How Do I Track My Profile’s Performance?

The Clutch Vendor Dashboard and Google Analytics are resources to track profile views and website click-throughs. Clutch+ and sponsored profiles receive access to custom performance tracking.

Performance Section of Dashboard

The performance section of your Dashboard allows you to view historical click-throughs and profile views on an aggregate and per page basis. You can also monitor real-time page positions and number of messages received.


Google Analytics

If you are a Clutch+ or Sponsorship customer, follow these steps to integrate your profile with Google Analytics to track your Clutch performance alongside your other marketing channels:

Step 1: Log into Google Analytics:

Log into Google Analytics

Step 2: Select Admin (bottom left of screen)

Step 3: Click 'Create Property.'

Step 4: Name the new property, 'Clutch'. Click next and then fill out the business size, industry and goal questions.

Step 5: Enter your Clutch profile URL into the 'Website URL' field, i.e. and name stream 'Clutch Profile'.

Step 6: Click 'Create Stream'.

Step 7: Copy the Measurement ID (G-xxxxxxx)

Step 8: Navigate to the ‘Admin Info’ tab. Paste the Measurement ID (G-xxxxxxx) in the field, and save profile.


Note: In Universal Analytics, you used a tracking ID to enable data collection, but in GA4, you now have a measurement ID. You will not have a tracking ID in your new GA4 property. Your measurement ID will be formatted like G-XXXXXXX. It will identify your data stream and then send the collected information to your GA4 property.

Boost Your Clutch Profile’s Performance

Custom tracking parameters (UTMs) are available to Clutch+ and sponsored profiles.