How to Track Clutch Profile Performance

The performance section of the Clutch Vendor Dashboard and Google Analytics 4 are resources used to track profile views and website click-throughs.

Only Clutch+ and sponsored profiles receive custom performance tracking access with UTM codes.


Performance Section of Dashboard

The performance section of your Dashboard allows you to view historical click-throughs and profile views on an aggregate and per-page basis. You can also monitor real-time page position.

What is a UTM?

UTM parameters are special codes that can be added to the end of any URL to track clicks and the performance of marketing activities.



How to Add UTMs to Your Google Analytics 4 Account

Follow these steps to start tracking traffic from your Clutch profile to your website using Google Analytics 4:

Step 1: Log into Google Analytics:

Step 2: Select Admin (bottom left of screen)

Step 3: Click 'Create Property'.

You will then see the screen below:

Step 4: Name the new property, 'Clutch', click next and then fill out the business size, industry, and goal questions.


Step 5: Input your Clutch profile URL into the 'Website URL' field, i.e., and name stream 'Clutch Profile'.


Step 6: Click 'Create Stream'.


Step 7: Copy the Measurement ID (G-xxxxxxx)

(Your “G-” ID appears at the upper right)

Step 8: Log into Clutch and ‘Update Profile’


Step 9: Navigate to the ‘Customized URLs & Tracking’ section. Paste the Measurement ID (G-xxxxxxx) in the Google Analytics Tracking ID field, and save the changes.


Note: In GA4, you now have a measurement ID. You will not have a tracking ID in your new GA4 property. Your measurement ID will be formatted like G-XXXXXXX. It will identify your data stream and then send the collected information to your GA4 property.


Boost Your Clutch Profile’s Performance

Custom tracking parameters (UTMs) are available to Clutch+ and sponsored profiles.