How Do I View Invoices and Receipts, and Manage Billing Information?

Billing information and communications are associated with a specific user who is typically also the profile admin. Contact to clarify your preferences.

There are 3 types of recipients that are involved with billing communications. Most companies have a single contact for all 3 types, but Clutch can accommodate some customization of billing preferences.

Billing Contact Types

  1. Profile Admin (Clutch user) - this is the Clutch user who has Edit access for the company profile. They are also the user that receives Lead Matching bids, submits Client References, can access the profile Vendor Dashboard, etc. There can only be 1 Clutch user (and email) designated as Profile Admin at a time.

  2. Customer (Clutch user) - this is the Clutch user that manages payment methods in our payment portal. The Customer Billing Email defaults to the Clutch user's email, but you may customize it (as shown right). This email receives automated notifications of any transactions. There can only be 1 Billing Email (and Clutch user) designated as the Customer at a time.

  3. Invoice Recipient(s) (any e-mails) - Most vendors receive transaction receipts but not invoices. If you'd also like to receive separate invoice records, please send your request to We will send invoices to multiple e-mail addresses as requested.

How Billing Works

Billing processes vary by the product/service to minimize the administrative burden on your team.

  • Sponsorship is purchased on the Sponsorship Page or your Vendor Dashboard and is first placed after payment is received. Your first billing cycle begins when your sponsorship is placed, not when payment is submitted. Payment is generally expected by the start of a new billing cycle, but let us know if you are having any issues by emailing
  • Lead Matching is invoiced & charged ~15 business days after the warm introduction is made to give the lead time to evaluate their potential partners.
  • Featured Listings are invoiced & charged at the start of a new campaign, typically coinciding with a new calendar month.


We collect your payment method upon initial purchase of Sponsorship for future transactions. If you or a member of your team are interested in making changes to the default option for your payment method (including card on file and ACH payments), you can do so through your vendor dashboard.  When signed in, you'll be able to access the billing section by clicking "edit payment methods." For monthly investment of $2000 or more, credit cards carry a 3% fee.

If a member of your team needs to add payment information or download invoices, your profile manager can add them as a manager.

For wire transfers, please contact