Getting Started with Clutch+ and Sponsorship

To make the most of your Clutch+ or Sponsorship purchase, we recommend you complete 4 key steps in your first week on Clutch.

As a Clutch+ or Sponsorship customer, you have access to a dedicated customer representative who will help you to customize your profile to reach your goals. We recommend that you book an onboarding call within the first week of purchasing your plan. 

If you’d like to get started on your own, these 4 steps will make a marked impact on your success on Clutch: 

  1. Complete the Verification form after signing into to set up your lead conversion tool.
  2. Select a review to feature on your profile to attract your ideal client
  3. Explore the vendor dashboard to see where to track your traffic and leads
  4. Check your email for an invitation to your onboarding call with your dedicated Customer Experience Representative. Any replies to emails may take up to two business days to receive a reply.

Make sure to leverage your customer experience representative’s expertise to get more out of your profile. Our most successful customer use their onboarding calls to discuss: 

  • The profile verification process
  • Suggestions for your service lines and focus areas
  • How to use UTMs and Google Analytics to track your success on Clutch
  • How to navigate your Vendor Dashboard
  • Selecting a published review to feature on your profile
  • How to select portfolio items to improve your profile richness

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