How do I become Verified on Clutch?

Clutch Verification is a key benefit of Clutch+ and Sponsorship. Clutch Verification builds an additional layer of trust between service providers and buyers on the Clutch site.


After becoming a paying service provider, sign in to and navigate to your profile. You will see a new hyperlink on the right floating panel of your Clutch profile that says Submit Verification Form.

Note: If you have not completed your Clutch+ or Sponsorship transaction, you will not see this option.


Complete the verification form. Near the end of the form, you will be asked to submit proof of business registration.


Click the button that says Add Verification to submit your form.

Note: Verification processing times may vary, and we encourage you to submit all steps as accurately as possible to expedite the process.

Click to learn more about the Clutch Verification Program.