Can I Add Multiple Locations to My Company's Profile?

Service Providers may add multiple locations to their profile, so long as they have implementation teams in each specified location.

How Can I Add Multiple Locations to My Clutch Profile?

If you operate in multiple locations, you can add each office to your Clutch profile.

Please note that Clutch verifies the locations you add to your profile to ensure there's a full implementation team in each location.

You can add location to your profile within the “Locations” section of your profile. 

Add a new location. 



How Does Clutch Validate Service Provider Locations? 

Clutch regularly reviews locations added to service provider profiles. We look at a variety of factors when determining a location for your Clutch profile, including whether:

  • Your team size and presence are sufficient for the services delivered.
  • The information submitted to Clutch aligns with advertised information or buyers’ perceptions.

To list a location on your profile, Clutch requires that you have a physical office, rather than just a PO box. 

If we cannot find proof that you have a team in a specific location, the address may be removed from your profile.



How Do My Locations Impact My Visibility on Clutch? 

Your approved locations on your Clutch profile enable you to be listed on location-specific directories. You will only be listed on location-specific directory pages where you have a permanent office with a full-service delivery team.



How Can I Provide Additional Information to Verify the Presence of a Delivery Team in a Specific Location? 

To provide additional information about your company’s presence in a specific location, please complete the Location Validation form and submit it through our application page.