Who is eligible for sponsorship?

The main requirement for sponsorship is strong performance in our research. Other requirements vary by category.

What position will I have on the page(s) that I sponsor?

Exact placement is not guaranteed because placement is determined by your Sponsorship tier (Diamond, Platinum, etc.) and also your performance in our research relative to other companies with the same tier of Sponsorship on the directory page. Sponsorship tier or relative performance changes to your company, or other companies may impact your exact placement.

However, we can show you where we currently expect your company to be based on your research performance and sponsorship tier, relative to other companies on the same directory.

How can my company be listed on a local page, such as "Top New York App Developers"?

Clutch analysts determine whether an agency is listed on local reviews and Leaders Matrix pages.

They consider multiple factors:

  • Physical office in the location
  • Full service staff operating on-site, including designers, developers, strategists, and project managers

Requirements may vary by location and service category; Clutch Analysts will make the final decision on whether a company qualifies for a local listing.