What is Clutch's Verification Program?

Verification is a premium offering of Clutch and service providers can elect for this paid program.

What is the verification program?

The program adds an additional layer of trust to the information we provide to buyers and users on Clutch. Verified companies are those that have passed our verification analysis. Once a company reaches verified status, information will appear on their Clutch profile to help you identify them.

You can read more about the process and methodology itself on our Verification Methodology page.

How should this program impact my business buying decision?

When looking for a service provider, you should use this information to supplement your own research in deciding whether a vendor on Clutch is a registered, active, and trustworthy business.

Please note that a potential buyer should ultimately use their own judgment and research when making purchasing decisions and Clutch does not endorse any company, including verified companies, on their listings.

What sources does Clutch use to find relevant business information?

For the purposes of this program, data is collected from different sources based on the location of each company in question.

Are other qualitative factors analyzed as part of the verification?

Yes; a Clutch Analyst will determine if a company has met the requirements of an open-source background check, confirming that no negative information that is both credible and pertinent has been found.

What makes a company ineligible for verification?

If a company has filed for bankruptcy, has an inactive business registration status, has significant negative marks on a credit report, or has not met the requirements of an open-source background check, the company is ineligible for inclusion in this program.