What Is Clutch's Verification Program?

A process of aggregating additional research about a company's business registration, legal history, credit background, and client feedback.

Step 1: Clutch Analysts Collect Data About Your Company

For U.S. based companies, we use each state's Secretary of State website and Experian to collect data.

For UK-based companies, we use Companies House to gather information.

For companies that are not based in the UK or U.S., we collect data from the company itself and seek legal documentation to supplement the information.

Step 2: Check Business's Registration, Legal History, Credit, Feedback

We evaluate companies based on whether they're:

  • Active and legally registered
  • Able to pass an open-source background check
  • Able to pass a credit and legal filings check
  • Quality of client feedback

Step 3: Grant Bronze, Silver, or Gold Verified Status

There are three levels of verification: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Learn About Each Clutch Verification Level

Step 4: Add Clutch Verified Symbol and Evaluation Data to Company Profile

Clutch Verified companies receive a checkmark on their company profile to signal their verified status to prospective clients.

Profile with Clutch Verification

We also add a "Verification" tab to your company profile that displays the data collected about your company.

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