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What factors does Clutch take into consideration?

Clutch considers a company’s reviews, clients & experience, and market presence in our research methodology. You can read more about each category here.

Some factors our team looks at to assess your rank are:

  • Case studies available on each service provider's website
  • Clients lists available on each service provider's website
  • Past awards and industry recognition
  • Each service provider's marketing presence, including blogs, press, and social media

What is the difference between the Leaders Matrix and directory?

Our leaders matrices showcase the top companies based on Clutch rank only. Our directories are sorted based on sponsorship, and then by Clutch rank, and include a variety of other filtered views.

What should my case studies include?

We recommend that all case studies clearly illustrate the challenge, services offered, and value created. Aim to demonstrate your firm's ability to deliver complex projects and create value.

Do portfolio items on my site count as case studies?

No. Videos or pictures of your work without sufficient explanation of your team's involvement in a project have a lesser impact on your Clutch rank.

Should I regularly update Clutch on awards we've won?

No; our research team regularly updates each vendor's scoring based on information provided on each company’s website.