What can my dashboard tell me about my reviews?

The Vendor Dashboard provides updates on the current status of your submitted references and newly added reviews.

Check the top of your dashboard for the total number of reviews on your profile, the number of in-progress reviews, and your company’s overall review rating.

For more detailed information regarding each client reference and review, use the middle panel of your dashboard.

What is the difference between a reference and a review?

References are the clients you submit on Clutch to begin the review process. You can track the status of your references and get updates as each reference converts into a client review. Once a review is published for a submitted reference, the reference will no longer display on your dashboard since the reference process is complete. Reviews refer to the published reviews that are visible in the reviews section of your Clutch profile, each review includes a full-length write-up and star ratings.

What does the progress bar next to my reference represent?

The progress bar next to each reference represents our team’s progress towards collecting this client’s review. Statuses may include:

  • Reference Submitted: Our team has not contacted your client yet
  • Reference Contacted: Our team contacted your client and may have already scheduled the client’s call
  • Interview Conducted: Our team completed a phone call with your client, and our editorial team is working to process and publish the review
  • Unable to move forward: Our team did not hear from your client after contacting them several times, the client was unwilling to provide a review, or our team identified a potential conflict on interest and could not process your client’s review

This feature is currently in beta mode. Thank you for your support as we continue to refine this feature.

Why has my reference disappeared from my dashboard?

Once your client’s review is published on your profile, the reference process is complete and the associated reference is removed from your dashboard.