How Are Online Client Reviews Verified?

Clutch verifies online reviews through LinkedIn. If the reviewer's profile does not contain enough information to verify the review, we reach out to them via email.

Clutch tries to verify every review that a client leaves for a company on our website.

How We Verify Online Client Reviews

When clients submit an online review through Clutch, they must sign in through LinkedIn. Clutch uses information from a reviewer's LinkedIn profile, such as email address and contact information, to verify the review.

If the review cannot be verified using information from LinkedIn, a Clutch analyst will contact the client via email to ask for more information.

If the reviewer provides the information that allows us to verify the review, then we publish the review as verified. 

Next Steps If Review Cannot Be Verified

If we're unable to verify the review but think the review contains useful information for buyers seeking to hire a service provider, we publish the review but mark it as not verified.

What to Do If A Review Is Unverified and You'd Like It Verified

If you'd like to have an unverified review verified, please encourage your clients to respond to our request for more information.

Why An Online Review Would Not Be Published

  • If the review cannot be verified via LinkedIn
  • If the review does not contain enough content
  • If there is a conflict of interest

What Constitutes a Conflict of Interest?

  • We cannot find information to confirm the details of this review.
  • The respondent currently works or has worked for the vendor.
  • The respondent has a familial tie to the vendor.
  • The respondent has a financial stake in the vendor's company.
  • The respondent or their company has already submitted a review for this vendor.
  • The review does not contain enough information.
Reviewers will be notified via email if their review does not qualify for publishing. See our Review Guidelines for more information.