How many leads will my company get through sponsorship?

A particular lead volume is not guaranteed with sponsorship, but Clutch can provide traffic estimates based on placement and recommendations to improve performance.

What is the value of sponsorship?

The value of sponsorship depends on three factors.

1. Sponsorship Level

Higher level (higher price point) sponsors are placed higher on the reviews page they sponsor. The ordering of sponsors is from highest to lowest level – Triple Diamond, Double Diamond, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Starter, followed by non-sponsors. If multiple companies have the same level sponsorship on the same reviews page, then the order they are shown in depends on their organic, Clutch rank performance (see #3).

2. Page(s) You Sponsor

Because sponsors are ordered based on level, you may need a higher-level sponsorship to get the visibility you want on our most popular pages.

For other pages, lower-level sponsorship or your performance in our research alone may provide the visibility you want. The value derived from the same level of sponsorship on different pages is likely similar, since other companies are willing to pay that amount month after month for the same placement.

3. Performance In Our Research

Overall, the best strategy to grow and maintain visibility is to combine sponsorship with a strong company profile, performance in our rankings, and a growing number of client reviews. 

How long does it take to see value after becoming a sponsor or upgrading your sponsorship level?

The value of sponsorship increases over time. It depends on two factors: research category growth and service type popularity.

We suggest monitoring sponsorship value over a 4-6 week period.

How can I improve conversion of visitors to my profile?

  1. Add a unique landing page that directs Clutch traffic to a more specialized webpage or contact form. To do this, please contact your Clutch analyst.
  2. Change the directory quote next to your profile with a different quote from one of your reviews. To do this, please contact your Clutch analyst.
  3. Change your company tagline. Located right below your company name on your profile.
  4. Add a unique e-mail address for Clutch inquiries.