How long will it take for my review to appear on the profile?

Reviews do not appear on your profile immediately. Our team verifies and edits all reviews.

My client says they left a review, but it isn't there. Why isn't my client's review showing up on my profile?

All client reviews are manually processed by Clutch's editorial and business analyst teams. Our staff checks the reviewer for any potential conflict of interest and updates review content to make sure the review has no typos and is easy to read.

How long does it take to appear on the profile?

While our team usually aims for a 1-2 day turn around for client interviews (1 day for online form submissions), we are currently experiencing a delay. Your review will be processed as quickly as possible.

Will I be notified when a new review is published?

No. Due to the volume of reviews processed on Clutch's platforms, vendors do not currently receive a notification regarding the status of their reviews.