How Do I Ask My Clients To Leave My Company A Clutch Review?

Clutch uses a simple, but thorough review process to collect the highest-quality client feedback possible. You can ask them over the phone, in person or by email.

Here is what to mention to your clients when you ask them for a review:

  • A Clutch review will take your clients 10-15 minutes.
  • They'll be given the option to leave the review over the phone with one of our teammates or log in through LinkedIn to type up an online review. 
  • All clients have the option to attribute the review or remain anonymous in the published review. 

Here is some sample language you can use:

Our company is collecting client reviews on Your feedback will help us improve our services and gain exposure to new clients.

Reviews on Clutch take 10-15 minutes, and you can provide one over the phone or by writing one online. You'll have the option at the end of the review to attribute it or remain anonymous if you prefer.

Are you willing to take 10-15 minutes to provide us feedback on our Clutch profile? If so, I'll have our contact at Clutch reach out to collect it!


Once your clients agree to leave you a review, have the teammate that has access to the Clutch profile to submit your clients' information here. After you submit them, we'll reach out to collect their review.