How can I submit client references?

All client references should be submitted using Clutch's reference form.

Where can I provide my client's contact details?

Please submit all clients as references through your user account, here. (You must be logged in to access this page.) This way, we will have a record of your references on our platform, and you can track the status of all references you have submitted.

Will client references be displayed as public information or just for your company's reference?

Client information submitted through the Clutch reference form ( will not be made public. Instead, this information will be used to contact your clients and guide our team’s conversations. Only information provided by clients during a phone interview or in our online review form will be made public.

For more information, view our privacy policy and review guidelines.

Should I send my clients directly to your website?

No. The reference submission form is used to help you manage your client references and to keep our team up-to-date on the number of clients wishing to leave a review on your profile.

Additionally, using this form helps ensure that the appropriate Clutch analyst conducts your client's review call. The analyst will ask specific questions to your company or the services offered, yielding more detailed reviews while using less of your client's time.