How can I list my company on The Manifest?

Listings on The Manifest require an existing profile on Clutch with client reviews.

To be featured on The Manifest's agency shortlists, your company must:

  • Have a company profile on Clutch
  • Submit client references in order to add verified reviews to your Clutch profile
  • Rank highly among other companies on the platform

How can I list my company on The Manifest?

If your company does not already have a profile on Clutch:

  1. Visit to build a company profile
  2. Customize your company profile on Clutch
    1. Identify core services your company provides and would like to be featured
    2. Submit client references for your Clutch profile. An analyst will contact your references to collect and verify their feedback.
    3. Continue to improve your Clutch rank by adding new reviews to your profile.

Why is my company showing up on one The Manifest shortlist article but not another?

Companies are featured on The Manifest's agency shortlists that correspond to how they’re ranked on Clutch.

Showing up on an overall industry shortlist, such as top app developers or top digital marketing agencies, is more competitive, which is why we strive to create location-specific and niche market pages.