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How can I improve my Clutch rank?

Read through our research methodology, and work with your Clutch analyst to determine where specifically you can improve.

What is the most important factor in my Clutch rank?

Reviews are the most heavily weighted portion of Clutch's methodology. Your reviews score takes into account the recency of your reviews, the associated budget for the client mentioned in the review, and the overall star-rating offered by the client.

Why does the company ranking above me have fewer reviews than me?

That company's reviews may be more recent or they may have had a higher budget than the reviews listed on your profile.

While reviews are an important part of company ranking, our research methodology also takes into account companies’ clients, experience, and marketing presence. You can read more about these factors here.

How many case studies do I need to improve my ‘experience and clients’ score?

We recommend that you have 8+ case studies in order to maximize your score. Please make sure the case studies include the challenge, services delivered, and results. All cases are weighted equally, and our research team takes into account all details included.

I cannot disclose the names of my clients on my site, can I share a confidential case study with Clutch?

Yes. We can input confidential client information.