How can I cancel sponsorship?

Canceling sponsorship or making changes to your existing sponsorship(s) is quick & easy with simple e-mail or phone communications.

How do I cancel my current sponsorship?

We're sorry to find that you would like to cancel one or all of your sponsorships at this time. Cancelling is very easy. We kindly ask that you double check your reason for cancelling first. Often, a company's analytics tracking may not be configured correctly, and Clutch could be driving more visitors to your site than you think currently. Please check with your sponsorship point of contact, or for confirmation of your sponsorship performance.

If you've completed the above step, please send an email or place a call to your sponsorship point of contact and let them know you'd like to cancel or change your sponsorship(s). As long as your request is clear, we will end your sponsorship, effective when the request was sent. We may request clarification if the request is unclear.

If you are not sure who to contact, please contact

Will I get a refund?

Once your company has received the primary benefit of sponsorship: the enhanced visibility on Clutch, you cannot be refunded for that time. However, if you request to remove a sponsorship in the middle of a cycle, we will prorate any portion of sponsorship that has been paid for but has not been received, yet. For example, if you paid $650 for a Bronze sponsorship for the period April 7th - May 6th and cancelled on May 1st, you would be refunded 6 of 30 days, or $130.

Diamond sponsorship operates differently - ask for more information.

If you prefer, we can hold any refund due to you on your account to apply to another sponsorship payment later, or refund you immediately.