Can I remain anonymous when leaving a review?

All clients references can choose to provide anonymous feedback via online form or phone interview.

Does my attribution preference impact the credit given to my partner?

No. Regardless of whether you’d like to remain anonymous or attribute your comments, your partner will receive the same level of credit for your review.

The biggest benefit of allowing your name and company name to show on your Clutch review is to provide an extra layer of verification for future clients considering working with this provider. Clients may search the partner’s portfolio for your company or even check out your site.

Under no circumstances will your contact details be made public.

If I attribute my comments now, will I be able to change this later?

Yes. Just reach out to the analyst who emailed you with the link to the review to update your attribution preference.

Please note, client references should contact Clutch directly. We will not make changes at the request of the service provider.