How Do I Add Portfolio Items to My Company's Profile?

Portfolio items make users on Clutch more likely to click the 'visit website' button on your profile.

Step 1: Log Into Clutch

Log into Clutch through your user account.

(If you're having trouble accessing your account, here's how to get help)

Step 2: Use the Main Navigation to Access Your Company's Portfolio

In the upper right-hand corner, scroll over your name/username. In the drop-down menu, select 'Portfolio.'

Portfolio navigation drop down

Step 3: Begin Adding Portfolio Items

Select the "add portfolio item" button.

Add portfolio item

Upload an image or video.

Image Files Size Requirements

  • Less than 10 MB
  • jpg, jpeg, png, or gif
  • Upload as many images as you need for each project

Aspect Ratio Requirements

The container size for portfolio items display on Clutch is 269 x 188 px, and the natural size is 500 x 350px.

Step 4: Add a Title and Description

In the "Title" field, add the name of the client or project.

In the "Company Profile" field, enter your company name – exactly as it appears on your Clutch profile. (As you begin typing, suggestions will appear for you to select.)

In the "Description" field, describe the project in 1600 words or less.

We suggest including the following information:

  • Company X did Y Service to accomplish Z Goal
  • Describe the technology or service provided
  • Describe outcome of project using hard data. Use qualitative descriptions if hard data is not available.
Portfolio description