Which Sponsorship Level Is Best for My Company?

Ideal Sponsorship level depends on the amount of traffic to a particular Reviews Page and the competition among sponsors on that page. We work with your company to recommend a Sponsorship level that aligns with your budget and lead generation needs.

Each Sponsorship increases a company's visibility on a single, specific Reviews Page. Higher-tiered Sponsors receive more visibility than lower-tiered Sponsors since companies are ordered on Reviews Pages first by Sponsorship tier and then by Clutch Rank within that Sponsorship tier.

Choosing the best Sponsorship level depends on:

  • Traffic to Reviews Page: Higher-trafficked pages provide more value for a sponsoring company, which means you may want to pay more for greater visibility
  • Competition: If a Reviews Page has multiple Sponsors and your company wants to appear ahead of them, you may want to pay for a higher-tiered Sponsorship

Not sure which options are right for you?

Contact a member of the Clutch team for more information and recommendations right for your business.

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