What Is Clutch's Lead Matching Program?

Clutch's Lead Matching program matches prospective leads with service providers included in our lead matching program.

Step 1: Prospective Leads Submit Project Proposals

Leads looking for service providers submit their project proposals through our online form or over the phone.

Step 2: Clutch Identifies Potential Matches for Each Project

Clutch assesses the lead’s budget, timeline and project requirements over the phone. Clutch creates a shortlist of service providers that may be a match for the project. 

Clutch anonymizes the project requirements and emails them to these best-fit service providers. This begins the bidding process.

Step 3: Service Providers Bid on Access to the Lead’s Contact Information

Service providers place their bid. A bid signals that the service provider is interested in the project and available to start working within the requested time frame. 

Bids should reflect the value of gaining access to the lead’s contact information - not the value of the project. 

For example:

"Our company is willing to bid $175 to access this lead's contact information."

Step 4: Highest Bids Win and Are Invoiced

Clutch shares the lead's contact information with the highest bids. The information is shared with up to four service providers or less per request. 

These service providers are invoiced for the amount they bid.

Step 5: Clutch introduces Service Providers to the Lead

Our team provides a warm email introduction to service providers who win the bid and lead.

Questions about Lead Matching?

Contact sponsorship@clutch.co to discover whether your company is a fit for the Lead Matching program or other paid features.


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