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How does Diamond Level Sponsorship Work?

Diamond level sponsorships (including Double, Triple and Quadruple Diamond) are different from other sponsorship levels - they are have special benefits and are coordinated on a monthly calendar basis.

What are the benefits of Diamond level sponsorship?

Diamond sponsorships the highest priced tiers of sponsorship available, so they are only needed and purchased for placements at the top of our highest traffic directory pages, where they garner the most visibility of any single sponsorship.

The placements are coordinated on a monthly basis so that no Diamond sponsorship will show lower than expected because of a new Diamond purchase. Diamond sponsors are usually our most engaged & longest standing sponsors and Clutch often releases new features & benefits to Diamond sponsors early or exclusively.

Speak with our team to understand the current Diamond benefits and view pricing here.

Can I sign up for Diamond level sponsorship at any time? 

In situations where the placement of your Diamond sponsorship will impact the position of another company's Diamond sponsorship, your sponsorship will be placed at the start of a new calendar month. Diamond sponsorships may be placed at any point in the calendar month if they do not affect another company's Diamond sponsorship. Please contact sponsorship@clutch.co to see whether your intended placement is available immediately.

Clutch needs to receive a commitment for any Diamond level sponsorship that impacts another company's Diamond level sponsorship by 5pm Eastern on the stated Diamond coordination deadline (see table). Cancellation of a Diamond level sponsorship needs to be communicated to Clutch before the same deadline; otherwise, sponsorship will renew like any other sponsorship level.

The coordination deadline is intentionally several days before the 1st of the new month. If, before the coordination deadline, a company commits to a Diamond sponsorship that impacts another company's projected placement, then the impacted company will be granted the opportunity to change their Diamond commitment in reaction to the adjustment. If the notification from Clutch comes after the coordination deadline, the company will still be given a reasonable amount of time to request changes before the 1st.

The impacted company will have the option to choose another sponsorship level for the same page (lower or higher) or discontinue the sponsorship. If the change that that company chooses negatively impacts the placement of another Diamond placement, the cycle continues so that every Diamond sponsor has the opportunity to finalize their placement choices for themselves. Since there are only pre-defined sponsorship levels from which to choose, the cycle of changes come to a natural conclusion quickly.

What are the commitment deadlines?

The commitment deadline for coordinating Diamond sponsorship for the month that follows are:

July 23, 2021
August 24, 2021
September 23, 2021
October 22, 2021