What information is required to create a package?

Create a package in 5 steps. You can also add supporting information to ensure you’re attracting the right customers.

Here’s the information you should have ready to create a package on Clutch:

  1. Title/name of your package
  2. Service your package is associated with
  3. Price type – is the cost of your package total or monthly?
  4. Cost of each of your tiers – small, medium, and large
  5. Features/services included by tier

Check out an example of a package here: https://clutch.co/profile/soap-media/seo-package

You can provide additional details to explain your offering to potential customers:

  • Description or summary of your package offerings overall
  • Description or label for each tier – for example, which tier is best for small businesses versus large companies?
  • Description of the features/services offered
  • Examples of work associated with your offerings

Create a New Package