What Are Portfolio Items?

Portfolio items help buyers and Clutch understand your work experience.

Your portfolio items help buyers see proof of your work. They also help us understand your company's experience, which will impact your rank on directories. 

  • We recommend adding 6–8 portfolio items to your profile.
  • You can customize privacy settings for media-based items, making them publicly visible, entirely "hidden", or "confidential" without client information. Currently, text-based items are not publicly visible. 
  • You must add the client's website and estimated project size to each portfolio item to ensure Clutch incorporates it into your Clients & Experience score. 
  • Public portfolio items make users on Clutch more likely to click the 'visit website' button on your profile. 

What qualifies for the portfolio section?

Your Clutch portfolio should include examples of your work and project history. We recommend adding portfolio items for notable projects that your company has completed. Provide as much detail about the project as you can to help inform potential buyers about the types of work that you do, clients that you work with, and results you can provide.

Why are portfolio items important?

Portfolio items have the largest impact on your company’s Clients & Experience score and allow buyers to understand the types of projects and clients you have worked with. 

We recommend adding a minimum of 6 to 8 portfolio items, complete with client and project cost details, to help Clutch assess your score and help buyers make their vendor selection decision.

How do I share confidential case studies with Clutch?

You may upload confidential files to your portfolio and mark the items as ‘Confidential’ or ‘Hidden’.

We provide several options for providers to upload confidential information for Clutch assessment. Specifically, when you are adding a portfolio item, you can determine the Privacy Settings via the options at the bottom of the form:

  • Show All will display all content on the profile.
  • Confidential will only display the title, description, project category, and media; this allows you to add items where you can discuss the generalities of the project but cannot mention the client name or project cost.
  • Hidden will only share data with the Clutch team and will not be available externally; this is the safest option for confidential data and ensures nothing will be displayed on your profile. 

What do I do if I don’t have former clients?

If you don’t have any former clients or examples of your work, you may leave the portfolio section blank. As you complete new projects and collect reviews, make sure you add those examples to your portfolio.

How Many Portfolio Items Can I Add to My Company's Profile?

You can add as many portfolio items as you would like to your company profile. We suggest adding between 6 and 12 so prospective buyers can better visualize your work.