How do I track my Featured Listing progress?

The link in your Featured Listing placement includes a unique tracking code that allows you to measure the traffic coming directly from your placement to your website. 

If using Universal Analytics, you’ll be able to see your Featured Listing campaign click performance by navigating to Acquisitions, Campaigns, then All Campaigns.

If using GA4, navigate to Lifecycle, Acquisition, User Acquisition, and then filter by First User Campaign.

Tracking different Featured Listings:

The UTMs include service-specific conventions to track multiple Featured Listings campaigns at once.

For example: 

You Featured Listing for App Development will display featured-listing-app-development in the All Campaigns section of your Google Analytics. 

Your Featured Listing for Lead Generation will display featured-listing-lead-generation in the All Campaigns section of your Google Analytics. 

If you’d like to make changes to your UTM codes, please reach out to and your dedicated Customer Success specialist will update your links for you! 

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