How Long Does It Take for My Company's Profile to Show Up on Clutch?

It takes about 3 days for a recently submitted company profile to be published. We verify all companies and publish company profiles submitted manually. A Clutch Analyst will reach out to you when your company's profile is published.

Average Time From Submitting Company Profile to Publication on Clutch

About 3 days.

Company Profile Publication Process

All profiles are manually published by a Clutch analyst after verifying that your company is the right fit for our platform. We accept most business service providers with functional websites and verifiable full-time employees.

Email From Clutch When Company Profile Is Published

Once your company's profile is published, a Clutch analyst will reach out to you via email.

Company Profile Visibility in Clutch Search Bar Results

Once your profile is published, it will appear on relevant Clutch Reviews Pages.

It may take several days (or even weeks) for your company's profile to appear in Clutch's search bar results. The search results on Clutch resemble Google search results, and your company profile may not appear until the page is indexed.

In most cases, buyers find the company they want to work with by landing on Reviews Pages where your company is listed, not by using the search feature on Clutch.