Taxonomy Changes FAQs

[Updated December 2022]

Why are there service line changes to my profile? 

Clutch is moving focus areas to service lines to improve the visibility and value for service providers in the HR services space.

What changes have occurred?

The service line HR Services was removed from the service line field and replaced with the new service lines. If you previously had HR focus areas, in most cases, we reallocated the remaining service line percentage created by removing the original HR service line. 

For example, if you previously had a 10% ‘HR services' service line and a 15% ‘Benefit Consulting focus area, your new service line is now 10% Benefits Consulting.

Why do I have HR Consulting as a service line on my profile?

If your profile previously had ‘Benefits Consulting’ or ‘Compensation Strategy & Design’ as focus areas on your profile, we added HR Consulting as a service line. With an HR Consulting service line, you can qualify for the “Benefits Consulting” & “Compensation Strategy & Design” pages under our new taxonomy. 

Are there any other changes occurring?

We will add 10+ focus areas under these new services by Q1 2023. Service providers will have the ability to abstract further the types of services they offer and qualify for more pages on Clutch as a result.

Who should I contact about these questions?

Feel free to contact your Clutch Customer Operations teammate for more information.

Why did I fall off a page?

See How Does Clutch Determine Which Clutch Directories My Profile Will Appear On?

How can I recommend other services that my business offers?

See Clutch New Service Recommendation Form.