What Information Do I Need To Submit for The Clutch 100?

Applications are open for 2023

The form needs to be signed by your CEO and a licensed professional responsible for payroll and accounting for the local entity willing to confirm the information included. The co-signer may work at the applicant’s firm or be independent of it as long as his or her credentials are current and in good standing.

Clutch defines revenue as gross revenue, less returns and allowances, before any cost of goods sold. For US-based companies, this is the same figure that you enter in box 1c of your corporate income tax return. Please provide this information in terms of USD ($) and include only numbers in your answer (ex. 1,234,567).  If you operate in a currency that is not USD ($), please convert to USD based upon the exchange rate during the year in question (ex. for 2018 convert AUD to USD at a 0.75 rate, for 2019 at a 0.70 rate, etc.)

Clutch will not release the submitted revenue figures publicly, but we will share revenue growth rate for each company evaluated that will be released in a public report.

Deadline for 2023 is 5 PM ET on Monday, May 15, 2023