How Do I Submit Client References?

Submit all of your client references through your user account.

Click here to submit references. *You must be logged in to access this page.*

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting references for over-the-phone reviews is only available to Clutch+, Sponsoring, or Featured Listing service providers.

You can explore all paid options offered by Clutch here.


Client References submitted through your account help keep our team up-to-date on the number of clients wishing to leave a review on your profile. 

For Clutch+, Sponsoring, or Featured Listing service providers, this form helps ensure that the appropriate Clutch Customer Operations team member conducts your client's review call. They will ask questions specific to your company or the services offered, yielding more detailed reviews while using less of your client's time.


Instructional video:  Submitting Client References



How will my clients be contacted after I submit them as a reference?

When client references are submitted, Clutch will send them an invitation email to leave a review. We will also send a reminder if we are still waiting to hear from them.

>>Check the status of your submitted references at any time by going to your vendor dashboard. Clutch will notify you if we cannot connect with your client reference.