What Position Will My Company Have on Pages it Sponsors on Clutch?

Positions vary by page and Sponsorship tier/level.

Overall, sponsors receive more visibility in their research category than companies that are not sponsors. Each company with a sponsorship is displayed on the reviews page ahead of companies with a lower tier sponsorship or no sponsorship.

Quadruple Diamond is the top sponsorship tier followed by Triple Diamond, Double Diamond, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, then Starter. Verified companies that not sponsoring that particular page show next, followed by all non-verified and non-sponsor companies.

If multiple companies sponsor a directory page, the highest-tier sponsor(s) will appear on the reviews page first. And, if a page has multiple sponsors within the same tier, Clutch Rank will determine the ordering. Clutch Rank is dynamic and will change in real-time as ranking factors update.

Companies are able to add or upgrade sponsorships at any time for all levels below Diamond. This allows them the flexibility to manage their placements and optimize their performance.

We offer higher-level sponsors additional benefits, which are outlined in the program overview.