What are City Sponsorship Bundles?

City sponsorship bundles provide sponsorship on a core city page and all pages of the same service within a region. This new sponsorship option is currently only available for select regions in the US.

Providers will expand their reach to the whole region surrounding an area for one bundled price. City Sponsorship Bundles allow access to new US pages in your region that you previously couldn’t appear on.

What are the benefits of City Sponsorship Bundles?

  • Increased traffic and clicks to your website
  • Access to new US pages in your region
  • Savings with a sponsorship bundle

How can I see my position on pages included in my City Sponsorship Bundles?

City sponsor bundles will appear as “Nearby Sponsors” on pages included in their bundle that they do not already appear on.

City Sponsorship Bundles will be visible in the Performance section of your Vendor Dashboard. Pages where the provider appears organically, will be visible in the Performance section overview, and the remaining bundled pages are viewable after clicking the “Page Breakdown.” 

The core city page sponsorship level applies to all pages within a bundle. 


As a Starter sponsor for San Diego Video Production, you will appear at the Starter level on all pages within the San Diego Video Production bundle.


Contact your Account Manager (in the top right corner of your Vendor Dashboard) or hello@clutch.co to learn more and discover if you’re eligible!