How Do I Ask My Clients to Leave a Review on Clutch?

Clutch uses a simple but thorough review process to collect the highest-quality client feedback possible.

There are multiple ways to ask your past and current clients for reviews. Here are a few proven tactics to try:

Email: Ask your client over email if they would leave a review on Clutch. This way your clients know before submitting their contact information for a review.

In-Person: Introduce your presence on Clutch during a meeting or at the beginning of your engagement to set the stage for their future review.

Web: Incorporate Clutch badges or widgets on your website to direct clients to your profile. You can also post a Clutch badge on social media asking clients to provide a review.

Learn more about the many ways Clutch service providers ask their clients to leave reviews by scheduling a call with our team.

Here is some sample language you can use:


Our company collects client reviews on Your feedback will help us improve our services and gain exposure to new clients.

Reviews on Clutch take 10-15 minutes, and you can provide one over the phone or through an online form. You'll also have the option to attribute it to your name or company, or remain anonymous.

Once your clients agree to leave you a review, have the teammate that has access to the Clutch profile to submit your clients' information here. After you submit them, we'll reach out to collect their review. 

Explain the value of leaving a review on Clutch:

Clutch reviews are different from other rating & review sites. We seek detailed feedback from every reviewer, and our verification process offers transparency about the legitimacy of the reviewer's identity.

According to Moz, 68% of consumers say review sentiment influences the trust they place in a business partner. Your online reviews matter, and it's okay for you to say that to your clients. Check out these 6 tips for all business owners to master when requesting and leveraging online reviews.

Let your clients know that their feedback will help your team improve and gain visibility online. If your agency currently asks clients to serve as references, mention that a detailed Clutch review may eliminate their need to be on future phone calls on your behalf.

If your client has already left your company a review on other sites, explain that Clutch reviews are different. Should they choose to schedule a phone interview, they’ll be taking part in a quick, 15-minute conversation, without having to write anything.