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How Can My Company Pay for Sponsorship?

Sponsorship payments are created and then scheduled through our payment platform.

Where do I submit payment?

You can submit payment here by selecting your company size and then which level of sponsorship or Clutch+ option you would like: https://clutch.co/sponsorship

Is there a minimum commitment or agreement?

Yes, there is a minimum three-month commitment for Starter Sponsorships. The three-month commitment is to be paid in full and cannot be refunded or partially refunded.

For Bronze Sponsorships and higher levels, sponsorship is billed monthly, and pre-payment beyond 1-month is not required. You may cancel at any time, including mid billing cycle (not applicable to Starter Sponsorships).

Your billing cycle begins upon placement of the sponsorship, not the time payment is submitted.

You will receive a pro-rated charge for any changes made mid-billing cycle.


Not sure if sponsorship is right for you?

Contact a member of the Clutch team for more information and recommendations right for your business.

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