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How Does Clutch Verify Reviews?

Clutch verifies reviews using reviewer-provided information & online research. If there is not enough detail in the submission to verify the review, we will reach out via email for more information.

Every review on Clutch goes through a thorough verification process to confirm the reviewer’s:

  • Proof of identity
  • Work history

To protect the integrity of our process, we do not provide specifics about our verification methods, but we do use information from the reviewer's Clutch account to help verify reviews.

To leave a review on Clutch, you’ll need a LinkedIn, Google account, or company email address. Clutch uses information from your account login, such as your email address and contact information, as part of the verification process.

If we can’t verify the reviewer's identity or project details, but the information is still useful for buyers, we’ll publish the review as not Verified.

Reviewers or service providers can verify their reviews after they have been published by completing this form with any missing verification details.