What Types of Questions Will I Be Asked When Leaving My Review?

You will be asked about your company, the scope of work with your service provider, and general feedback on the project.

The 5 main sections of all Clutch reviews are:

  • Background: Information about your company and your position there.
  • Challenge: The business challenge you were addressing by hiring the vendor.
  • Solution: The scope of the vendor's services; the vendor's team composition; how you came to work with the vendor; and the dates and cost of the engagement (you may choose to keep the cost confidential).
  • Results: Evidence of success; feedback on project management; any areas for improvement; and advice for future customers.
  • Ratings: 5 questions on a half-increment, 5-star scale, including quality, scheduling, cost, willingness to refer (NPS), and overall (which is independent of the previous 4 ratings).

Questions will vary depending on the type of project and whether you do an online or phone review.

PLEASE NOTE: Over the phone reviews are only available to Clutch+, Sponsoring or Featured Listing service providers. You can explore all paid options offered by Clutch here.