What Will Clutch Ask My Reference During Their Review?

We ask references to introduce themselves, describe the scope of work, and provide general feedback on the engagement.

Whether your client leaves a review online or over the phone, they will be asked the same types of questions.

The 5 main sections of all Clutch reviews are:

  • Background: Information about the reference's business and job function.
  • Challenge: The business challenge the reference was addressing with your partnership.
  • Solution: The scope of your services; your team composition; how the reference came to work with you; and the dates and cost of the engagement (if they so chose, the reference can keep the cost confidential).
  • Results: Evidence of success; feedback on project management; any areas for improvement; and advice for future customers.
  • Ratings: 5 questions on a half-increment, 5-star scale, including quality, scheduling, cost, willingness to refer (NPS), and overall (which is independent of the previous 4 ratings).

Some questions will vary depending on the type of project and whether the reference chooses to do an online or phone review.