What is Clutch Messaging?

Clutch Messaging FAQs

What is Clutch Messaging?

  • Clutch Messaging is a way for buyers to connect with providers they are interested in working with or learning more about.

Why should I respond to Clutch Messages?
  • At Clutch we’re always working hard to match buyers with the right service provider to meet their needs. Clutch Messaging is one of the main avenues for connecting buyers and providers on our site.
  • Soon we'll be making provider response rates visible to buyers to help them find providers that not only meet their project needs, but also are likely to follow up with them. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect directly with buyers and stand out from the competition!

Where can I read and respond to my Clutch Messages?

  • Email: Clutch Messages will be sent directly to the Sales Email associated with your profile as well as to the email of the profile owner. To respond, you can reply to this email directly or click “View Message” to view and reply on Clutch. 
  • Clutch Site: Visit https://msg.clutch.co/ or click the message icon in the site header, while logged into your user account. 

What do I do if I receive spam messages? Do these impact my response rate?

  • We’re working hard to make sure only relevant messages make it to your inbox with advanced spam filters and monitoring. 
  • If you do receive a message that you believe is spam, you can report it by clicking the link in the initial email to report spam. Messages that are marked as spam will be removed from response rate calculations.

I haven’t received any Clutch Messages in my email, how do I make sure I get these?