How Do I Change the Profile Owner For My Company's Clutch Profile?

The new profile owner must first be invited as a profile manager via the vendor dashboard. Then, fill out Clutch's contact-us form to indicate you'd like to transfer the ownership.

If you are the profile owner and you would like to assign the profile owner position to a colleague, you'll first need to add them as a profile manager:

  1. Go to your vendor dashboard and click "members" in the top right corner.
  2. Enter your colleague's email address in the text area and invite them to be a profile manager. -- Please ensure you send the invite to either their company email address or an email associated with their Google or LinkedIn account.
  3. Your colleague will receive an invitation within 10-15 minutes. Once they click on the link provided in the email, they will be prompted to authenticate their identity through their Google, LinkedIn, or company email account.
  4. After your colleague has successfully authenticated their identity, you can proceed by filling out the Contact Us form and requesting that they take over the role of the new profile owner.

idea-10-32Be advised that the invitation to your colleague will expire after 3 days. If you still want to grant them access, send a new invitation.


Note: If your profile owner no longer works at your company and you need someone else to get access, please fill out our form and indicate this need.